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Floor CleaningKeeping your floors clean and fresh is a time consuming cleaning chore which requires effort on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours on end in mopping and lugging around heavy buckets, then by all means turn to us and enjoy our efficient and inexpensive floor cleaning service in Brent.

Cleaning your property’s floors may be somewhat tedious but is it really a complex cleaning chore? Perhaps, floor cleaning is not the most complex of housekeeping tasks, but it does require a certain amount of expertise as there are different flooring surfaces which require specific cleaning approach for best results and no risk of damage.

Usually, residential and commercial properties are fitted with multiple types of flooring. Each flooring surface requires a specific cleaning method. Our specially trained cleaning technicians will be able to select and apply the right cleaning system as per the type and state of your floors. Our floor cleaning in Brent is a service suitable for all types of interior floors, commonly found in private and business properties.

We guarantee to yield the best possible results, without exposing your valuable flooring surfaces to risk of damage. We recommend subjecting your floors to professional cleaning on a regular basis, as this will keep them looking better for longer. Sporadic cleaning efforts will not suffice in this case, as floors will eventually suffer from cleaning neglect as well as mechanical damage caused by frequent foot traffic and lack of cleaning. Loose bits and pieces, rolled around by foot traffic will scratch and cloud your floors therefore a fixed schedule floor cleaning in Brent will be the ideal solution.

Stain removal is also something covered by our Brent floor cleaning service. Usually flooring surfaces are exposed to risk of chemical and organic staining pretty much every day. Certain types of flooring don’t handle staining too well and require specialised cleaning in order to bring them back to their former good looks. Our cleaning teams are skilled in the safe and efficient use and application of a range of specially formulated cleaning products and materials. They will choose and apply the most effective yet sparing cleaning system in order to lift and remove stains completely, without risk of damage or alteration to the floor and its characteristics.

Floor CleaningNaturally, we don’t work with any toxic or aggressive cleaning products and solvents as we care for the health of our customers and their loved ones. All cleaning products will evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue shortly after cleaning. As part of our Brent floor cleaning service, we can also perform specialised antibacterial cleaning treatments for a healthier indoor environment.

For high traffic areas of the property we can also perform floor sealing – sealing will prevent mechanical damage from foot traffic and retain the floor’s pleasant appearance for longer.

The floor cleaning service is quite reasonably priced and shouldn’t be a problem for your budget. Again, customers can request the service as one off, or on a fixed schedule basis. Bookings are available seven days a week.