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Rug CleaningWe take our professional rug cleaning in Brent quite seriously and have intricate knowledge on how to care effectively for both natural and synthetic fibre rugs. Rugs are stylish and pricy interior features which add value and style to any home. Rugs may appear similar to carpets, but in reality keeping them clean and fresh is more demanding and complex than caring for the average carpet.

Rugs are usually made of more delicate materials, either natural or synthetic, which mean they don’t handle staining and soiling too well. Fact of the matter is though that the average rug suffers greatly from spills and thrills on an almost daily basis. Before you attempt to remove stains and soiling off your valuable rugs using conventional cleaning methods, please consider the cost of your rugs and the high chance of causing damage.

Rugs won’t tolerate aggressive cleaning treatments as these can alter their appearance and comfort properties. Removing stains using conventional cleaning methods will likely only spread the stain further. In the case of soiling, conventional cleaning will drive the dirt deeper between strands therefore making effective cleaning much more of a problem.

Our rug cleaning service in Brent will take care of all these issues without risking damage to your valuable rugs. We use the most advanced and efficient rug cleaning systems available right now – with us, innovation and efficiency go hand in hand. Our professional grade cleaning products and materials allow for industry standard cleaning results on all types of natural and synthetic rugs, including tufted, needle felted, knotted, woven, flat weaved, hooked and embroider. Using the right materials, as per the type of rug and its current state will also cancel out the risk of damage.

Our rug cleaning in Brent is carried out by specially qualified technicians who will arrive fully equipped with the necessary equipment and materials. All cleaning will be done on site – there will be no need to take the rugs elsewhere or wait around to have them returned to you. The cleaning systems we use are effective on all size rugs.

Rug CleaningThe cleaning process itself is safe and efficient. We will clean deep inside the rug, all the way down to its base layer. We will effectively remove dirt, grime and bacteria from between strands – this will also improve the brightness and visual appearance of the rug. The particular cleaning method and the order of cleaning procedures administered will be determined by our cleaning techs. They will review the type of rug, its current state, amount of soiling or type of staining, and choose the most appropriate cleaning method. Generally, rugs should be dry enough to walk on in a couple of hours, however exact drying time will depend on temperature and humidity inside the premises.

Our Brent rug cleaning service is the sensible, affordable and efficient alternative to any other rug cleaning treatment out there. We will not cost you a small fortune and we will not damage your rugs. Industry standard cleaning results, punctual work attitude and short service times all come as standard.