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Sofa CleaningNon-leather sofas and sofa sets are manufactured using many different fabrics and material finishes. These fabrics and materials are made to be resilient and to withstand a certain amount of abuse, but at the same time many of them are quite delicate and very demanding when it comes to safe and effective cleaning.

On many occasions, people are tempted to use a conventional or homemade sofa cleaning treatment which seems relatively safe and effective in order to save time and money from specialised cleaning. Before doing so, please consider the cost of your sofa sets and the fact that dubious cleaning methods will damage your sofa finishes beyond repair. At the end of the day, the cost of purchasing a new sofa set will definitely outweigh the cost of professional cleaning, so be smart about it.

Our professional sofa cleaning in Brent is a specialised cleaning service, designed to yield exceptional quality cleaning results on all types of non-leather sofa finishes without risking their colour fastness, dimensions, comfort properties or appearance in any way or form.

The service is particularly effective for complete removal of soiling and staining without altering the fabric or material. Our specially qualified cleaning technicians have the necessary expertise and skills to handle the job accordingly. Our guys will review the type of fabric or material finish used on your sofa. Then they will determine the nature and scale of the staining or soiling sustained by the material, and in turn decide upon the most effective and safe way to clean the sofa. Different sofa materials and finishes require specific cleaning approach – not to worry though as our cleaning technicians have the necessary training and an eye for detail.

The Brent sofa cleaning service we have on offer is also a good way to get the most mileage out of your sofa sets. Professional cleaning on a regular basis will not only keep sofas fresh and neat, but also preserve their bright colours and comfort properties for longer. Many sofa sets are in daily contact with the human body, this makes specialised cleaning on a regular basis even more of a necessity. Our cleaning treatments are highly effective in lifting and removal of body odours and oils from different types of fabric finishes.

Sofa CleaningOur sofa cleaning in Brent is the convenient and hassle-free solution you need. The entire cleaning process takes place onsite, no need to take sofas elsewhere or wait around to have them delivered back. The cleaning equipment we apply, allows for effective cleaning of all types and size sofas, including intricate designs featuring those nooks and crannies which are almost impossible to clean using conventional cleaning methods. There will be no need to disassemble the sofa set prior to cleaning.

In order to yield industry standard cleaning results and have your sofa perfectly clean and fresh, we will need a certain amount of hours. In light of this we recommend booking your sofa cleaning service in Brent for a suitable time and day of the week, so that we can avoid any disruptions to your daily schedule.